Monday, August 31, 2009

Setting up shoppe

We started to set up the shoppe today.Look out for cool stuff by Johanna, Katy and Camilla.

Here is mine on the gallery wall. You can get an idea of how big and bright they are but there better when your there. I've put more pictures on flickr for now if you want a better look. But i think its going to be worth coming down to the sea side to experience the whole thing with the art and the sweets in the little gallery by the side of the rusty Birnbeck pier.

mythical beast sweet shoppe flyer

Here's the flyer. They should be coming from the printers tomorrow. Its got a little map on but I should be posting more directions and stuff soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

mythical beast sweet shoppe soon...,

Doing research is fun. You get to eat lots of sweets. If your researching sweet wrappers for your artwork you do any way.

I should have loads to new stuff to post soon meanwhile don't forget the mythical beast sweet shoppe blog.