Tuesday, July 2, 2019

July Update

Progress on follow up to clicky click.

i have a playable version of the first chapter on pc. The first chapter introduces a wrestler who's been invited to perform the opening ceremony for a jumble sale. But he unfortunately encounters dracula's ufo. i also have the synopses for all chapters. Each chapter will be about the size of clicky clicks dungeon. i've got designs for characters and models for some of the environments. 

Getting Ready for Chunky Fringe

My focus at the moment is getting ready for Chunky Fringe. i plan to show off the spectrum version of the first chapter. i have a version using the same art style as clicky clicks dungeon. with the wire frame lines. here's how the jumble sale looks now with the model i made and the zx graphics. i might go with this depending on things turns out.

But my hope is to switch to a style of art that uses text characters. so i'm trying to integrate that and get it up and running. All the 3d modeling work may have been overkill. As the text art is quite different. And less able to convey details. But it fits in with other stuff i'm doing and i like how it looks.


i made this print recently for a show in Falmouth. It features the Morgawr, which is a Cornish sea monster. i got it printed at A2 size and it looked amazing so big. i'm so used to seeing everything i make on small computer monitor or phone screen. i really recommend printing out your artwork and printing BIG!
i want to make more stuff like this. So even though the zx spectrum can't display as many characters i'm pressing ahead with working in this style.

Giant Space Owl

i'm not a fan of deadlines. But as i'm aiming to have the demo ready for chunky Fringe space owl has lost its day a week. It currently stands at 41 penciled pages. i can tell you that its shaping up to be very very odd.

That's all

It's starting to be a long time since clicky clicks dungeon was released. i was hoping to be putting stuff out more frequently. but it's not looking like that. it all just takes a long time. Anyway most important thing to take away is to come to Chunky Fringe on saturday 20th july. At the Harrow Arts Centre. Play my new project. Hang out. The Chunky Fringe page explains it better than i can.