Thursday, September 10, 2009

my giant sweet stuff for the shoppe

getting to the mythical beast sweet shoppe by foot

I thought this video would be a good way to show people how to get to the mythical beast sweet shoppe. I guess its not every day you accidentally make a blipvert. I just filmed as we walked the route from the train station to the shoppe the first day we were able to get inside. It was also when we met Lesley from the friends of the old pier society who are great, and have let us use the downstairs of their building.
The film wasn't meant to be animated but it came out too jerky to speed up nicely. So I went through and grabbed a frame every step. that was still quite jerky so I went through and lined up all the frames with the one before it. I'd like to thank Alk^Titan who let me use his music and even tweaked it a little to fit better. You can see he route on this MAP.
Theres more info and help on getting there on the sweet shoppe blog.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Setting up shoppe

We started to set up the shoppe today.Look out for cool stuff by Johanna, Katy and Camilla.

Here is mine on the gallery wall. You can get an idea of how big and bright they are but there better when your there. I've put more pictures on flickr for now if you want a better look. But i think its going to be worth coming down to the sea side to experience the whole thing with the art and the sweets in the little gallery by the side of the rusty Birnbeck pier.

mythical beast sweet shoppe flyer

Here's the flyer. They should be coming from the printers tomorrow. Its got a little map on but I should be posting more directions and stuff soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

mythical beast sweet shoppe soon...,

Doing research is fun. You get to eat lots of sweets. If your researching sweet wrappers for your artwork you do any way.

I should have loads to new stuff to post soon meanwhile don't forget the mythical beast sweet shoppe blog.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Life cycle of the garden fairy

Im working on new stuff for the mythical beast sweet shoppe. But what do you think?
So are fairies mythical beasts? Camilla says mermaids are. But fairies aren't very beast like are they? Maybe in their caterpillar phase. Leave a comment. Yes or no?. Im wasting my time on this if there not.

Peryton. The winged deer of Atlantis

"Dear Mr Ashton Court
Lately the young deer from your deer park have taken to hanging round the phone box at the top of our road. They can be very intimidating to people who want to use the phone. Especially the ones in hooded tops. We don't hang around in your park harassing your deer do we? No. So sort it out.
S Hole"

I'm working on new stuff for the mythical beast sweet shoppe. But i cant decide if the winged deer of Atlantis should have hooded tops (like normal deer do). Or not. Please leave a comment. Should they or shouldn't they? The winged deer of Atlantis are reincarnated from the souls of the lost, sailors and so on. They only need to kill and eat human flesh once before they can live free of anguish and torment. So thats handy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

more Mythical Beast sweet shoppe

I've just had a conformation that there will be more Mythical Beast sweet shoppe here in the UK this year in September. By the UK i mean Weston Super Mare. so that will give me something to post about. you don't want to hear about me working on my tax return for three months do you?
thanks for checking out my blog by the way. and thanks if you checked back to see if id updated it. Which i hadn't. but i have. anyway.

Monday, May 4, 2009

calm air all ice

I've been putting together this poster for Camilla and Claire's show. Calm air all ice which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Monday, April 13, 2009

ZX Spectrum Pixel Shader

A while back people started remaking old computer games but with modern snazzed up graphics. what i wanted to see though was new modern games but with old resolution graphics. Particularly the colour clash from the zx spectrum. So i started programming stuff. One problem i had was redrawing the screen and still getting a decent frame rate. I got my brother to write a dll but still only got up to 21 frames a second.

I concluded i would need to learn to write pixel shaders so the graphics card could handle redrawing the screen. Meanwhile the obsolete technology show happened at the Here gallery. I didn't have time to solve the problems i had and wanted to make a game in a couple of weeks that would run on a low spec pc so it could be included in the show. I used the system i had for drawing speccy style graphics to render video that would play in the background with sprites over the top.
Does anyone have any links to the other artist work that was in the obsolete technology show ? Please add to the comments so i can link to it.

The game monster target was supposed to be a sort of bowling game but a bit like burnout. And rampage or some other kaiju godzilla type game. You pick up monsters with a ufo and drop them on a city aiming as near to the centre for a pinball style score. Eventually i taught myself to program pixel shaders this next video is a prototype of the same sort of thing but its now all in 3d. You can move freely and pick up monsters with a ufo catcher claw thinggie and throw them dynamically at buildings.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Video Tennis

more old stuffs

Here is a game you control with your mind.Make sure your mind is connected to your hand. and your hand to the computer mouse. Click and drag the bat of your choice. Both bats are controlled by the computer until you click one.they're easier to grab when they stop. You can control both bats by switching between them so you can play yourself, the computer or even play with two people. You have to share the mouse though. The drawing is based on the box of a prinztronic tournament three electronic tv game. Which illustrates what it would be like if they played video tennis at Abigail's party.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Forgotten Inventions. number 1. The Regency Pasty Mallet

many useful inventions have been lost to us over the years. if the earth is attacked by giant pasties yet again will we know how to deal with them? no, we wont. look out for the deliberate mistake.

did you spot it? that's right asymmetric hair wasn't popular until four years after the regency period ended.
this is an old one. with no sound. i was gearing up to produce 30 seconds a week. and working out how i was going to do it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

updates soon

there will be more upates here soon. ive just finished making comics for here to have at the Bristol Artists Book Event at the arnolfini. also theres some older stuff im going to post here and new stuff too.