Friday, July 24, 2009

Peryton. The winged deer of Atlantis

"Dear Mr Ashton Court
Lately the young deer from your deer park have taken to hanging round the phone box at the top of our road. They can be very intimidating to people who want to use the phone. Especially the ones in hooded tops. We don't hang around in your park harassing your deer do we? No. So sort it out.
S Hole"

I'm working on new stuff for the mythical beast sweet shoppe. But i cant decide if the winged deer of Atlantis should have hooded tops (like normal deer do). Or not. Please leave a comment. Should they or shouldn't they? The winged deer of Atlantis are reincarnated from the souls of the lost, sailors and so on. They only need to kill and eat human flesh once before they can live free of anguish and torment. So thats handy.

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