Sunday, March 31, 2019

writing and planing stuff in the gaps each day

i've been working on the successor to Clicky Clicky. With early development for a bunch of titles. Including Mathew Hopkins bmx trials. But the one with dracula and ufos is emerging as a favorite. It's got that old super 8 reel feel.

i've been writing as i walk each day. Which makes use of time i'd have to spend anyway. It feels productive and like i'm getting something for free. Working in little chunks. i've got to be at the right point in the process though.

a previous attempt to make use of the time by drawing a daily strip was impractical. (that's walking and drawing at the same time!) but if you have to walk every day its worth trying to use it for brainstorming small things.

For a while i was working on a daily comic by writing it while walking then drawing it up quickly when i got home.
They just pile up even if you don't have a use for them, if you can keep up with it. which i couldn't.

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