Wednesday, January 5, 2022


2015 -2016  Giant Space Owl (incomplete)   comic

2018            Clicky Clicks Dungeon (complete)  interactive fiction

2019            5 rings                          (complete)  interactive fiction

2019 -2020 UFO a Dracula             (incomplete)   interactive fiction

2021            The High Fortress          (complete)  game zx spectrum

2021            Last Christmas Ever      (complete)  interactive fiction


 Hi there. Most of 2020 I spent trying to work out a new plan. 2021 I spent finishing projects I already had underway.
 I've got no projects planed for 2022 and beyond. Nothing that I would share on this site or my twitter. Anything else I was planing or said I was doing is canceled. With the exception of Giant Space Owl, which I would like to complete at some point. And still hope to work on a few hours a week. It sounds a bit dramatic but this is just tidying up and being clear about where I'm at. So no surprises if its a bit quite around here. But this is not the end for chip-fork. I think of it like Magrathia. I'm simply hibernating, and suspending production awaiting the moment conditions are right. See you then.

Giant Space Owl was overly ambitious. What I wanted to do I should have tried to do in 50 - 100 pages. Since then I've tried to work on smaller projects that can be completed in a few months. The interactive fiction projects I've been doing were trying to let writing do more of the heavy lifting. Trying to work on a more human scale. But really there is no scale small enough for the resources available.

UFO a Dracula. It's a shame to leave it with so much work done already. But knowing what I know now about multiloading chapters on the spectrum. I know there's a nightmare of mashing the text so it all fits in the same size box. Perhaps I could ditch the spectrum version and just do the html5. it's still a mountain to climb.

2021 I did rough versions of comics to pitch to an anthology that was going to be crowd funded. I haven't heard any more about it since. It would be nice to work them up to final versions and put them out. But any bits of time I have I'll put into space owl I think.

Ok , thanks everyone.