Monday, December 16, 2019

November Update: But in December

Shorter projects. coming soon....

Since the last update I've been working on a few smaller projects. ufo a dracula has mostly taken a back seat. Apart from from a bit of planing on the last two chapters. I know that when ufo a dracula wraps up I need to work on smaller things. Tentatively I've been planing future releases that are half the size. But even these may be too large.

The things I've been doing lately you won't see, apart from one. Which is a christmas themed thing that will be out this week and I'll post about separately. Any way I've been working on cycles of intense production for a week or two, and completing things from start to finish. This isn't going to be a viable way of working in the long term but maybe with less intense down periods in between while I'm working on publishing and letting people know about new releases it could be.

There is still a distance between a two week project and something half the size of ufo a dracula. Still, that's where I'm at. It has been a long time since clicky click came out so it's good to be getting something new released.
Stay tuned.