Monday, December 23, 2019

December Update: Bonus Christmas ghost story. Out now!

Free Bonus Download

5 Rings, my vaguely interactive Christmas ghost story is out now for the ZX Spectrum. You are traveling home for the holidays and stop off at a village known for its standing stones! A place you haven't visited since childhood. 

Ghost stories were a popular staple of tv at Christmas particularly in the 70s. Although not normally set at or featuring Christmas this is my go at that sort of thing.  I've been focusing on putting this together over the last month or so. Thanks to everyone on the spectrum computing forum who've been supportive since I started doing Speccy stuff.

download for FREE it's part of the WOOT! Christmas compilation. Which has many seasonal contributions. You'll need a ZX Spectrum emulator or a way to run files on original hardware.

click here to download WOOT! 2019 bundle

woot! 2019 description, contents and download

EDIT (if the tap file loads it should run)