Monday, January 20, 2020

January Update

Thanks to everyone who downloaded my Christmas ghost story as part of the WOOT! compilation. there's a play through here. It even has a little description and review. Thanks to Modern ZX-Retro Gaming. Their channel shows a real dedication to cataloging new spectrum releases.


Since you asked. Here's some original drawings the art is based on. A rough and then more refined version. Keeping them small stops me adding too much detail that won't come out in the final. I like that all the images fit on a couple of sides of a4. Theoretically this means I can produce them quickly then make more stuff.

I liked doing the Christmas project. it's in keeping with want I want to be producing. I've got some ideas for something I'd like to do next December in some form. My plan of doing small things and then moving on to the next would have put me in the position of being free to start something new for the new year. I'm actually currently working on writing the penultimate chapter of UFO a Dracula. Also the progress I've made with giant space owl recently has got me enthused about that. But my mind is on what to do next. . . .