Saturday, November 21, 2020

Update for the month of Bluaghblurber


Here's what I've been up to this year and a selection of teletext pages I've made.

Hi. Whatever this site is, it was closed for most of the year. I had a couple events I was working towards that obviously didn't happen. And I had to focus on getting through each day. I've also been trying to work out how to make sure things don't go back to how they were before. I've still no solid answers for that. The few experimental projects I've done this year I didn't want to share unless they were going to be the thing I do from now on. I had already concluded that I need to keep projects smaller so they can be completed before instability forces things to move on. But I've still been trying to find a stable format to work in such as comics or interactive fiction. thinking that I would do a series of smaller projects in the same format indefinitely. Now I'm thinking that's got to go too. I know I'm going to need to change and move on every so often so I need to build that in to what I do.

As time went on and with no clear plan I started chipping away at giant space owl again. One day a week. The penciled pages of what I think of as book 2 are nearly there. I've still got to draw the prehistoric art on some of the jumpers of the archeologist characters. And add a bit of text to the side of a van which is reference to dark towers, that I'm so sure no will get ever, EVER! that I felt the need to mention it here. It's all still gotta be rescanned, coloured and have all the text
checked. So there's a way to go. It's very satisfying to hold a big pile of comic pages you've completed in your hand and flip through it. To me it feels like handling a big pile of money. (Like big pound notes.) I recommend it. When I stopped updating every fortnight. It felt like there was no rush and I could take my time to get the pages just right. But it led to the pages being more detailed. And it will ultimately take longer to complete. I've switched to a smaller page size which will help keep the drawings simpler. and be a bit faster. This is something that came from working on a short comic while the lock down was on. 

Currently I'm working on another vaguely interactive fiction for Christmas. It's lots bigger than the last one. So it's going to a be struggle to get it done. I think it's got potential so it might be out next year instead. Rather than ruin it by rushing.

Some of the events I would have gone to this year became virtual. Those being the teletext ones. So the only things I did produce that went out into the world were some teletext pages  for those. The most recent event was blocktober 2020 . you really need the interactive element to appreciate the pages I did for that. And it looks like its not online at the moment. so i won't link to that. But here's some pages I did around the time of block party 2020 earlier in the year.



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