Sunday, December 27, 2020

December Update


 December has drifted away. It became clear that I wouldn't be able to finish my vaguely interactive fiction for Christmas, in time for Christmas. So it will be for next year instead. It's not in the tradition of Christmas ghost stories because it's mostly just weird, and it's not really a tradition because I've only done one before. and it can't be annual if i can't do one for every year. Apart from that I'm really pleased with it.

It ended up being three times bigger than the last. Which means the zx spectrum version will need to load in parts which I didn't think would be a problem in its self as i already had code written to be able to load in level data. But it needed more work and that ended up using up a couple of weeks to get it were it needed to be. I did do a small contribution for this years Woot! compilation when I released I wouldn't get it done in time. See if you can spot my bit.


I kept on working on it up to Christmas, and it was notable how quickly the art started coming together after everything came to a stand still while i got the code up to scratch. I was hoping to get it done by the time Christmas came. Because who wants to be working on christmasy stuff after Christmas. There's still a way to go with the art. and i still think the whole thing has potential and is worth putting the time in to get it right. and if disappearing for months and then not putting out the thing I've been working on turns out to be a recipe for success , then I'll incorporate it into my working process moving forward.