Monday, March 1, 2021

February Update

 Writing this months update helped get my thoughts in order. That's not the version you're getting to read though. Also when I woke up the next day I had a whole different set of ideas about what to do next. I'm still thinking about what's next and how to shape it. There are a lot of different directions I could go in and projects I could be working on next. But here are things that are definite.

 The spectrum version of my vaguely interactive fiction Christmas is done. Baring fixing any little things that have crept through. That's for Christmas 2021! My intention has been to do other versions too. But I've already spent so much time on it.

 It looks like Digitiser live 2 is going ahead in September. Around this time last year I'd started on something to show at the chunky fringe side event. I'm not sure about continuing that or if chunky fringe is defo on this time. But that's one of the things I'm thinking about next.

 Did you notice the second definite thing I had to talk about was also a maybe thing. That's how it is at the moment. Hang in there everyone.