Saturday, May 29, 2021

MAY update

 It would be nice to have a new website. But that's not on the cards right now. If I can't update here I'll tweet about stuff instead. And the big dates to look out for are.
Early September when Chunky Fringe happens, hopefully I'll have a little something to show off.
Check here for info on Chunky Fringe
Early December. I'll be putting out my vaguely interactive fiction for Christmas.
Check  the spectrum computing forums for news of the Woot compilation.   

This month I ran out of steam a bit on my pitches for the Pandora comic. Writing wise, I've got three that are pretty much there and another two that need more work. Still that's a nice batch of stuff that wouldn't have existed with out that spark.

I've been colouring the art for my vaguely interactive fiction for Christmas. Plodding away, so there can be versions other than the spectrum one.

My thoughts are turning to what to do for Chunky Fringe, which looks set for September.

With Giant Space Owl I've been putting the speech bubble text back on the newly scanned art work. Which has meant wrangling files going back to 2015. when the earliest pages of book two were started. I have a system but it's taken a bit of digging.

The general theme is wrapping up things I've started while not taking on anything new!

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