Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Magic lantern slides

we picked up some magic lantern slides a few years ago. I would love to make some art work that had a similar feel.
A series of medieval illustrations produced by monks forms the bases of these ones. Largely forgotten now, their story was still popular in the time of the magic lantern. Having been kidnapped by vikings on the way to America, the monks were only able to blog their experiences using a primitive ftp protocol fashioned from pinecones.

see...to my eyes they look better before I add colour.


  1. will it let me comment? is it broken?

  2. ok that worked. does it let me post links?

  3. sorry if you cant post comments. i cant tell why its not working.

  4. I wish we'd picked up ALL that box of slides at the time. Oh well at least we got some.