Tuesday, February 14, 2012

new pen, fog and depth of field experiments

Here are scenes of St. Mawes and Falmouth.
As well as playing with my new pen I have also updated my software for making 3d scenes out of my drawings.I am now able to add fog and blur the scene depending on how far from the viewer parts of the scene are. My aim is to add depth to the background in drawings as well as allowing characters in the scene to stand out against it. I find that I am able to get greater clarity in my drawings by drawing all the elements individually and the compositing the scene in 3d. My original intention was to streamline the production of backgrounds in my comics and as an aid to perspective. allowing locations to be consistent between panels.


  1. I recognised these before I read where they were. Really lovely drawings Simon- very impressed. Sorry I've only just commented I didn't realise you were updating your blog again. It's ace.

  2. Simie, you draw so nice